Top 5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Women

A lot of women make the mistake of adopting each and every new trend that hits the fashion industry. While it may be a priority to stay in trend all the time, you can’t do it at the sake of breaking the bank. So what you can do is invest in a few essentials that you can carry forward to a different season or to the next year. Even for 2016, we see several fashion trends that you can implement into your summer wardrobe. Take a look at the top summer wardrobe essentials that you need to invest in:

1. A slip dress – With the nineties making a comeback in fashion, a slip dress is a must-have for every fashion-conscious woman. Pick out one in a solid color so you can style it with different accessories and create completely new outfits. You can wear the dress as is with sandals and minimal accessories for sultry summer days. Throw on your oversized sunglasses and your favorite handbag for a celebrity look.

Sneaker shoesSource: Vogue Magazine

Instead of the sandals, you can go for an edgy look by wearing the dress with classic white kicks. Opt for edgier accessories to complete the outfit. For nighttime, pair the dress with strappy stilettos and a leather jacket. There are endless possibilities in styling a basic slip dress so make sure you invest in one or two.

2. A boho dress – The seventies are also being revived extensively in the world of fashion. However, the fur vest and the corduroy pants may be too much for the summer. Instead, opt for a fun and lightweight boho dress (preferably a white off-shoulder one) that you can wear with anything. A pair of sandals will be perfect for a laidback and summery look. Again, the sunglasses and handbag will complete the outfit.

A boho dressSource: Just the Design

You can also wear the dress with white sneakers and a fringe bag for a fun and edgy look. Otherwise, booties also look great if the weather isn’t too hot. You can wear the outfit with a summer hat for a more put-together look. This dress will also work for evening wear if you wear it with stilettos and dangle earrings.

3. White sneakers – Whether you’re a working woman or a college student, a pair of white sneakers can be your best friend this summer. This on-trend wardrobe staple can complete any outfit. You can wear them with a classic tank-and-shorts summer ensemble. They’ll look great with your favorite pair of denims and a blouse or graphic tee. You can also wear them with dresses like the ones mentioned before.

White sneakersSource: Glam Radar

Classic white kicks are the perfect wardrobe piece for dressing down your formal clothes. You can actually wear them with a cocktail dress for a more casual look. Maybe you have a formal jumpsuit that you want to wear during the day without looking overdressed. Throw on these sneakers and you’re good to go. You’ll still look great even if you wear them with blazers and pant suits.

4. Victorian blouse – This classic piece isn’t just a staple for the summer but for every other season. Invest in a vintage piece if possible, so you can even carry it forward for your Halloween costume. A Victorian blouse will look great with anything including – denims, shorts, skirts, and trousers. Make sure you go for a white one, as you can wear it with different colors and wardrobe pieces you already own.

Victorian blouseSource: The Fashion Tag

For a laidback look, wear the blouse with relaxed denims and white sneakers or pointy-toe flats. You won’t need other accessories except for your favorite watch and a classic handbag. If you want to wear it to work, just throw on your formal trousers and strappy stilettos for a more professional look. You can also wear it with a leather miniskirt and the right accessories if you have a night out with the ladies.

5. Cropped jeans – Summer is the ideal time to wear cropped denims. This staple piece can work with different outfits – from laidback and tomboyish to classy and stylish. Just wear them with a cropped top and a pair of white sneakers for a daytime look. You can also wear them with pointy-toe skimmers and a lightweight blouse to create a chic outfit. For evening wear, pair the denims with strappy stilettos and a sequined top.

Cropped jeansSource: Glamour

These are some of the top fashion essentials you need in your wardrobe for the summer. As you can see, these items can work with what you already have so you just need to make a wise investment. Now you no longer need to change your entire wardrobe with every changing season.

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